How to Cleanse and Charge Obsidian Crystal


Whenever you receive a new obsidian crystal, it’s important to both cleanse the crystal of any negative energy, and charge the crystal with positive energy. But how exactly can we go about this? In this article, we’ll go over each aspect of cleansing and charging obsidian crystals, so you’ll know how to handle your new obsidian. So let’s get started!


Does Obsidian Crystal Need to be Cleansed?


Like all crystals, obsidian does need to be cleansed when it’s first received to clear it of any latent negative energies it may have picked up. Once cleansed, you’ll start to feel the healing powers of your obsidian crystal.


How do you cleanse Obsidian Crystal?


You can cleanse obsidian crystals in a couple different ways, including moonlight, smudging, rice, and sound. The most important aspect of any cleansing, however, is to hold the intention of clearing your crystal of negative energetic build-up. We’ll now go over three specific methods of cleansing your obsidian crystal:


Cleansing Option 1- Moonlight: My personal absolute favorite method for both cleansing and charging obsidian in particular, moonlight is an extremely effective method for discharging any built-up negative energy. Moonlight works to cleanse obsidian crystals by infusing it with the same energy the sun has, only not as harsh as it’s being reflected. 


If possible, the full moon will be the most effective phase for obsidian crystal cleansing, but any phase of the moon will do- even the new moon! One extra benefit of using moonlight to cleanse your obsidian is that you can charge it at the same time! One night exposed to moonlight will be more than enough to both cleanse and charge your crystal!


Cleansing Option 2- Sound: As far as cleansing your obsidian goes, sound can be one of the most effective methods. By infusing your crystals with the positive vibrations of cleaning sound, you’ll help shake free your crystal of any latent negative energy. 


For this method of cleansing, you can use singing bowls or pyramids, tuning forks, or tingshaw bells. Similar to moonlight, sound can both cleanse and charge your obsidian. For this, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting the right intention, for either cleansing or charging.


Cleansing Option 3- Sunlight: If you use this method, you’ll want to be sure not to leave your obsidian out in the sun for too long. You should only expose your obsidian crystal to direct sunlight for a maximum of 12 hours at a time. 


This is because obsidian does fade in the sunlight, unlike some other crystals. However, sunlight can be one of the most powerful ways to both cleanse and charge your obsidian crystal. Just be sure you observe and monitor the process.


Cleansing Option 4- Other Crystals: One alternative way of cleansing obsidian crystal is to place it on top of a cluster of amethyst crystal. Because amethyst naturally converts negative energy into positive energy, it can be a perfect method for cleansing your new crystals! 


In addition, you’ll also receive the effects of the interaction of amethyst and obsidian crystal, which can be more powerful than either crystal on it’s own. Another crystal that works to cleanse other crystals is citrine, and you can use citrine as a replacement for amethyst.


How to Cleanse Obsidian Crystals with Moonlight- Step by Step:


Step 1- Preparation: Fortunately, it’s a fairly simple process to cleanse any crystal, and obsidian is no different. Because moonlight works the best on a full moon, it’s best to wait until a full moon cycle to cleanse your crystal. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can cleanse the obsidian crystal under any phase of the moon.


Step 2- Setting Intentions: Arguably the most important aspect of any crystal cleansing, setting the intention of cleansing is the next step in cleansing your obsidian. Place your obsidian outside, ideally directly on the earth, and kneel in front of it. In your mind or out loud, say: “I set the intention to cleanse this obsidian of any energies not of the highest and most pure purpose”. It’s really that simple.


Step 3- Wait: After you’ve set your obsidian crystal outside under the moon and set your intention to cleanse the crystal, the only thing left to do is wait! As you’ll be doing this process at night, it’s a perfect method to place your crystal and then go to sleep! Ideally, you’ll want to have your obsidian in direct moonlight for at least 6 hours. Just be sure you don’t forget about it, as direct sunlight can cause obsidian crystals to fade.


This method of cleansing obsidian is by far my favorite, as the synergies with the effects of obsidian and the effects of moonlight can be a powerful combination.


Does Obsidian Crystal Need to be Charged?


Obsidian crystals should be charged, as with any other type of crystal. There are a few different ways to charge your obsidian, but the most effective ways include charging by moonlight, sunlight, and salt water. The most important part of charging obsidian is setting the intention to infuse it with positive energy.


We’ll now go over some specific methods of charging obsidian crystals.


How do you Charge Obsidian Crystals?


There are a few different methods for charging crystals, but some of them are better for obsidian than others. In this section, we’ll go over the most effective methods for charging your obsidian crystals.


Charging Method 1- Moonlight: Moonlight is my favorite way of charging obsidian in particular, because the moon and obsidian have a powerful synergy. This means that by providing obsidian with the most effective type of energy, moonlight, you’ll ensure that your obsidian is reaching its fullest potential. Because moonlight can be used to both cleanse and charge your crystals, all it takes is one full night exposed to moonlight, and your obsidian will be vibrating with positive energy!


Charging Method 2- Sunlight: Although sunlight is a somewhat controversial method of charging crystals, we believe it can be one of the most effective ways to charge obsidian, as long as you monitor the process closely. Charging obsidian with sunlight is not a set and forget technique, because if left too long, sunlight can actually cause your obsidian to fade, reducing it’s maximum energetic capacity. For this reason, you should only expose your obsidian crystals to direct sunlight for a maximum of three hours at a time.


Charging Method 3- Amethyst Crystals: Because amethyst crystals have the powerful innate ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, you can charge obsidian crystals by placing them on top of an amethyst cluster. The reason this works is by infusing your obsidian with the energy that has been gathered by your existing amethyst cluster. 


In this way, you’ll  ensure you’re infusing your obsidian with powerful energy that has already been in a crystal. Additionally, you’ll reap the benefits of a synergy between amethyst and obsidian crystals.


How to Charge Obsidian Crystal with Other Crystals: Step by Step


Step 1- Let Your Amethyst Charge: Before you can infuse your obsidian with energy from your amethyst, you’ll of course need to let your amethyst gather energy first! If you want to speed this [process up, you can place your amethyst in direct moonlight or direct sunlight. Once it’s been charged, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.


Step 2- Setting Intention: One of the most important aspects of charging crystals is setting the right intention. First, place your new obsidian on top of your amethyst cluster. If it doesn’t balance, you can palace them next to each other as well. Now, say in your head or out loud: “I set the intention to infuse this obsidian with only the purest and highest form of energy”. It’s really that simple.


Step 3- Let It Charge: When charging obsidian with Amethyst, you’;ll want to leave them be for at least 24 hours. In this way, you’ll allow your obsidian to reach its fullest energetic potential. This method of charging does take more time overall than other methods of charging, but it’s also one of the best ways to be sure you’re getting only the purest form of energy into your obsidian.


This method is one of my favorites for charing obsidian, and I also believe it’s one of the most effective. It’s almost like a double filter, as your energy travels first through the amethyst and then through your obsidian crystal. You’ll also reap the benefits of the synergies between obsidian and amethyst crystals!


Cleansing and Charging Obsidian Crystals


Obsidian is a powerful crystal when it comes to healing effects and energy potential.As with any new crystal, the cleansing and charging process is an invaluable step in making sure your obsidian is as powerful as possible in its healing effects. Hopefully this article has provided you with all the information you need to make the most of your obsidian!



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