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A good night’s sleep is highly essential for your health. In fact, it is just as essential as exercise and healthy
eating. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can affect your natural sleeping patterns. Recent studies
suggest that most people are now sleeping a lot less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has decreased
as well.

The long-term effects of poor sleep are real! It not only drains your mental abilities, but also puts your entire
health at risk. Research has linked sleep deprivation with numerous health issues, ranging from a weakened
immune system, weight gain, poor cognitive function, risk of diabetes, and high blood pressure among

While more serious insomnia symptoms should warrant an appointment with your doctor, mild, occasional
sleep problems can be tackled and solved using simple home-based strategies. And one particular strategy
that has gained lots of popularity is the use of crystals to alleviate insomnia problems.

However, there are numerous crystals to choose from, and this simply implies that the prospect of finding
the perfect crystal for your sleep problems can sometimes prove a daunting and intimidating task, especially
if you don’t have knowledgeable enough in the alternative medicine sector. Thankfully, as experts in this
particular area, we are here to help you not only select the best crystal for the job, but provide you with some
proven, effective, and practical tips on how to use crystals to alleviate your insomnia problems.
So, today in this post, we are going to discuss in excruciating detail to discuss how jasper crystal can be used
to help with insomnia symptoms. So, peruse the article and get to know.

So, why does jasper crystal help with sleep?

Popular for its rich red complexion, red jasper is a highly incredible crystal that will not only help alleviate
your sleep problem symptoms, but also offers a variety of health benefits. Jasper is an ancient stone that has
been used for years as a protector of stability and spirituality, and as a talisman for warriors as well.

Red jasper boasts a robust red complexion, which it gets from the increased levels of iron within the stone. It
is a form of quartz even though it doesn’t form in the typical crystal form you would expect quartz to. Jasper
crystal usually forms in two primary ways; when volcanic ash transforms into solid rock, or when fine
particulate materials become cemented by silica. It is imperative to note that jasper comes in shades of
yellow, green, black, brown, blue, and orange.

Jasper is one of those stones that oozes energy right down to its core. Aligned with the root chakra, red
jasper is one of the few crystals that bring on board fantastic grounding properties. Jasper crystal not only
stamina to its users, but also initiates courage, balance, and the inner strength of a warrior to its users.

So, why does it help with sleep?

There are lots of things that can make one, not o fall asleep. Stress, anxiety, and everyday life worries can all
potentially result in sleep problems. Anxiety and stress are frequently connected to sleep problems. Excess
worry and fear will ultimately make it relatively harder for you to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the
night. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can aggravate your sleep problems, leading to a negative cycle
involving anxiety disorders and insomnia.

Jasper crystal helps with sleep because of its enormous grounding effects. Its energy is connected to the
earth and when used, it helps you to connect to the earth, helping to remove any negative energies, anxiety,
and stress that may be preventing you from sleeping. Red jasper is also great for getting over any past
worrying events or traumas that may be affecting your sleep life. It helps to drive out old, negative energy
and rebalance energy.

It has the natural ability to balance your body, mind as well as spirit. And when all these three components
of your life are well-balanced, you’ll not only sleep better, but you’ll also ensure you benefit from a great
night’s sleep. It is also worth noting that jasper is a great crystal to use and protect yourself from unwanted
spirit visitors as well as negative energies you might have attracted from other people around you during the

Also important to note is that there is a broad range of jaspers, characterized by form and color and perhaps
places or regions where they were first discovered.


So, let us briefly discuss a few varieties of jasper crystal:

Basanite or black jasper: This is arguably the rarest form of jasper and is known to empower both
supreme mental and physical efforts. Even though it is a potent sleep enhancer, Basanite also offers
protection against threats, curses as well as danger, particularly in high-risk work environments.
What’s more, black jasper can drive you deep into a state of consciousness, and also promotes
prophetic visions and dreams.

Blue jasper: Just as the name suggests, it forms in shades of blue, usually swirled with fairly darker
veining. It is a great anti-stress crystal that is also linked with the nobility of purpose and spirit.
Green jasper: Green jasper has been revered for its unrivaled powers to soothe your spirit and banish
evil thoughts and boost fertility.

Ocean Jasper: Also referred to as sea jasper, this is a multicolored stone that spiritually represents the
interconnectedness of all things. It boasts gentle nurturing energy that when used more regularly, may
help in developing self-love and empathy for other people. What’s more, its orbicular pattern enhances

Rainbow jasper: This is a highly versatile form of jasper that resonates with all your body chakras to
initiate balance to your physical body. It also helps to reorganize an over-reactive mind into a more
sober and linear state, preventing you from becoming worried about future or current events.

Yellow Jasper: This is a crystal of tenacity, endurance, and perseverance, and offers protection against
other people’s negativity. When used for an extended period, yellow jasper eases not only helps builds
confidence, but also alleviates chronic and unending worries. It also supports steady learning,
transmits empowering and healing energies, particularly when mediating outdoors.

Rainforest jasper: This particular type of jasper is revered for its physical energy and strength. It also
provides vivid dream recall and is a great crystal for knowledge retrieving purposes. It also awakens a
sense of happiness and joy at life’s simplicity and brings on board invigorating energy of renewal and

Brecciated jasper: This is predominantly a red jasper that often features black, it boasts potent
grounding energies that are great at helping users to attain a state of emotional stability. What’s more,
it enhances rejuvenation and vitality and promotes creative inspiration and confidence.

So, how does jasper crystal help with sleep?

Thanks to its earthy appearance and strong grounding energy, jasper crystal is generally considered a healing
stone. All varieties of jasper can be used to address insomnia problems, and are also useful in curing diseases
of the spleen, kidneys, stomach, and bladder. Whether it is stress, unending thoughts, or an illness that is
stopping you from sleeping, jasper crystal will ease all your problems naturally, allowing you to enjoy a
great night’s sleep. Jasper is the ideal crystal to provide you with much-needed vibrational support when you
are recovering from an injury or illness.

Jasper is also a soothing and calming stone that effectively calms and restores your emotional body,
relieving both unwanted stress and worries. Having jasper close to you during bedtime will help strengthen
your emotional wellbeing, helping you to find calm and restful stability. Jasper crystal’s restorative vibration
usually creates a special aura around its users, resulting in a soothing and pleasant feeling that radiates
throughout your body. It is also worth noting that jasper boasts potent cleansing abilities that allow it to
eliminate any negative thoughts and worries and stabilize your aura’s energies, making it the ultimate sleep
aid crystal. It has also been shown that jasper crystal may help alleviate nightmares, providing you with a
night of restful and fulfilling sleep.

So, how should you use jasper crystal for sleep?

You can use jasper crystal to alleviate sleep problems in several ways. Below are some practical ways use
incorporate jasper crystal into your bedtime routine for a great night’s sleep:


  • Place jasper crystal stones beneath your pillow for better sleep and dream recall.
  • Put on some jasper crystal bracelets or anklets as you sleep to eliminate unwanted energy and stress
    and sleep soundly.
  • Place jasper crystals on top of your bedtime table close to your head for enhanced sleep.
  • Place jasper crystals under your bed somewhere close to your head region and have a restful night.
  • Use jasper crystal wands to gently massage your body and direct positive energy to your body for
    increased sleep enjoyment.
  • Meditate while holding jasper crystals in your hands a few hours before you retire to bed to promote a
    grounded, calming, and peaceful feeling necessary for a good night’s sleep.

The Bottom line:

Jasper crystals are highly versatile stones that can be used to ground, stabilize, and heal both physical and
spiritual bodies. By aligning and healing the chakras, jasper crystal not only allows you to have a restful
night, but frees you from nightmares thanks to its potent protective nature. Simply place this amazing crystal
underneath your bed or pillows, and it will provide the support you need to rest peacefully throughout your

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