Does Pyrite Help With Sleep? Find Out Now

Are you an individual who is currently struggling to fall asleep? You try to get some rest, fall asleep but you
find yourself tossing and turning all night and eventually wake up in the morning feeling tired, grumpy, and
emotional! You usually try your best to shut off your mind and fall asleep, but end up staring at the ceiling
all night simply because you can’t fall asleep.

According to research, nearly everybody has experienced some difficulty falling and staying asleep. And we
all know that it can be a highly frustrating and irritating experience. And your search for a natural and
effective way to help you sleep can be equally intimidating and daunting.

Thankfully, there are natural stones known as crystals which you can use to help relax, soothe and calm your
mind, body, and emotional wellbeing, allowing you to fall asleep easily and restfully. While most people
have discovered the power of crystals in inducing sleep, some are skeptical about these precious stones and
their role in aiding sleep. There are many crystals out there that you can actually use to help you experience
a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep, and one of them is pyrite crystal.

But does pyrite help with sleep?


It is important to note that crystals are just like natural herbs that can be
used to treat different health conditions. They boast natural healing prowess that allows them to drive away
any negative energy and other blockages in your body that might be causing you not to have a restful night.

Pyrite not only attracts any negative energy from your body, but also calms your mind and clears blockages
to fill you with peace, relaxation, and serenity. It is very effective against insomnia and in calming an
overactive mind.

So, why does pyrite crystal help with sleep?

People are drifting away from the use of medication to curb sleep disorders and are now adopting natural
remedies that are free from potential side effects. Crystals have been used for ages for restoring, cleansing,
the body and boosting physical, mental, spiritual as well as emotional stability. However, not all crystals out
there can help with sleep disorders. This simply implies that you need to find the right one that can help you
get adequate sleep. And pyrite is arguably one of the best crystals that can tackle sleep-related problems.


Commonly referred to as fool’s gold thanks to its striking resemblance to real gold crystals, pyrite boasts a
strong protective and healing energy that not only helps with sleep, but can also attract wealth, good luck,
and abundance. Its mirror-like appearance and quality repel any unwanted negative energy from your body,
allowing you to enjoy a night full of rest. Officially named iron disulfide, pyrite is a wonderful shiny mineral
that instantly lights up any space. In Feng shui, pyrite is known to be extremely energetic and generous in its
ability to share positive and optimistic energy. Perhaps this is why it is often viewed to be a symbol of

It is also worth noting that pyrite, despite being helpful in promoting sleep, also offers protection against bad
vibrations and also keeps bad dreams or nightmares at bay. Pyrite brings calming and soothing energies that
force you to relax and also balances your emotional state. It works to soak up and repel all negative energies,
riding your body of anxiety, stress, nervous energies, and any concerning not being able to have a restful
night. Having a piece of pyrite crystal inside your bedroom somewhere close to your bed brings healing
energies to your dreams, enhances deep sleep, and subsequently attunes your brain waves to the desired
frequency of calm.


So, how does pyrite crystal help with sleep?

Pyrite is all about keeping you stable and strong and ever free from the shackles of control. It boasts an
intuitive natural quality that works to keep users out of harm’s way both emotionally and spiritually. The
energies that radiate from pyrite crystal refresh and cleanse your internal system and instill positive vibes
that will heal both your body and mind.

When you are not having a restful night, it is highly likely because your mind is overstimulated, worrying,
and simply wired. And when you in such a state, your heart gets overwhelmed, beats much faster in an
irregular rhythm, which in turn, results in the release of stress hormones. Pyrite crystal works to help your
heart to calm down, inducing compassionate feelings and a sense of calmness and relaxation. It will also
give you positive energy and vitality during your stressful times.

Different types of pyrite:

It is important to note that pyrite occurs in a range of varieties, with each having slightly different properties.
Besides the generic physical properties of iron pyrites, the variants help with other health issues. They

Snakeskin pyrite: Suitable for anyone experiencing energetic change or an individual stuck in the past,
this amazing variant of pyrite helps you shed your old and unwanted energy imprints and also protects
your wellbeing as you transform into a new you. What’s more, snakeskin pyrite brings the necessary
vigor and motivation to move forward.

Iridescent pyrite: Believed to be at least 350 million years old, that variety of pyrite boosts your
metaphysical properties by offering a protective shield during travels. It is an incredible shield against
either emotional or psychic vampires.

Pyrite in Magnesite: Here is another combination of pyrite that is great for protecting and grounding
your physical body, keeping the subtle bodies safely attached. Psychologically, it boosts feelings of
confidence and self-worth. It effectively alleviates anxieties and fears, and equally supports
individuals who are naturally nervous or shy, and also helps overcome intolerance and irritability.

Pyrite with sphalerite: Another potent combination, this pyrite variant is particularly good at
eliminating entrenched mental blockages and emotional responses. It also blocks out pollutants and
pathogens at all levels. It has also been shown that it boosts blood supply to the brain, aiding mental
clarity as well as the ability to plan carefully and get the best possible results out of a particular

Pyrite in quartz: This type of iron pyrite is known to eliminate all emotions and ideas that are causing
energetic blockages in your life. It offers protection against the threat of lurking danger, enhances
vitality, and prevents fatigue.

How to clean your pyrite and preserve its energy?

To bring out your pyrite crystal’s healing properties, you will need to keep it clear and charged at all times.
All crystals, particularly those that work by driving away negative energies. This is because they can become
full and get full or tired if not cleansed. Thankfully, you can bring them back to life through simple and
practical techniques.

Even though certain types of crystals react fairly well to being rinsed with lukewarm water and cleaning
agent such as soap, pyrite crystal doesn’t enjoy this type of cleaning. This is because iron pyrite will likely
rust or discolor when cleaned with water. So, instead of using water, you can simply smudge your pyrite
with sage or any other herbal smoke. This will help waft away all the negative or bad energy that it might
have attracted in the course of the day. Another great method would be to bury it in sea salt for a few hours
and allow it to undergo a deep cleanse, remove negative energy, and recharge.

How to use pyrite crystal for sleep?

Pyrite crystals can be used in a variety of ways to help with sleep. These techniques include:

Place pyrite crystals underneath your pillow: Before you nod off, put your pyrite crystal underneath
your pillow and let them do their job by inducing a satisfying and restful night. However, if you are
not comfortable with them under your pillow, you can also place them on top of your nightstand.

Mix it with lavender essential oil: As you already know, crystals can induce a calming and restful
sleep. Now you only need to grab a bag, fill it with dried lavender leaves. After this, add two large
pyrite crystals and two large quartz tumbled stones. Add five to ten drops of organic lavender essential
oil. The bag allows the lavender essential oil scent to drift out and match its frequency with that of
pyrite and quartz to gently lull you to a restful state.

Use pyrite crystal to stabilize your emotions all day: When you are experiencing emotional problems,
it will ultimately affect your mind and you won’t be able to sleep adequately. By having pyrite crystals
in your pocket throughout the day, it will drive all the negative energy and troubling emotions out of
your body, and by the time you retire to bed, you’ll experience a restful night.


Meditation: This incredible mineral is very powerful when it comes to meditation. Manifesting with a
piece of pyrite crystal can have a dramatic impact on your life. It will not only help boost your ability
to sleep soundly at night, but will equally throw the walls of protection upon your life. As we earlier
mentioned, it is a crystal that invites luck, abundance, truth, joy, and wealth, and other amazing things
that will make your soul sparkle!

The Bottom Line:

You have probably heard that many people across the globe are using pyrite crystal to help alleviate their
insomnia problems. You are motivated to use it but are unsure if it will have the desired effects! We believe
you now know that indeed pyrite has the ability to help you sleep. It does this by absorbing all the negative
energies that are preventing you to fall and stay asleep, stabilizing your emotional and physical state as a

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