How to Cleanse and Charge Tiger’s Eye


The process of cleaning and charging crystals is an important one, and the best methods vary from crystal to crystal. For example, some crystals may be more conducive to moonlight or sunlight, and some crystals may not be able to be submerged in water. In this article, we’ll go over each aspect of cleansing and charging your Tiger’s eye crystals, including the best methods, and a step by step guide for both cleansing and charging. So let’s get started!


Does Tiger’s Eye Need to Be Cleansed?


Tiger’s Eye, like all crystals, should be cleansed when it is first received. This is because from the time it comes from the ground to the time it arrives in your home, the tiger’s eye has ample time to pick up latent negative energies. By cleansing your tiger’s eye, you’ll ensure your crystal is full of only the purest energies.


How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye


Although there are ample different methods to cleanse any type of crystal, some are better for tiger’s eye than others, so in this section, we’ll go over the absolute best ways to cleanse newly acquired tigers eye, The four methods I like for cleansing tiger’s eye are: sunlight, saltwater, fire, and sage. We’ll now go over each method in more detail.


Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Sunlight- Sunlight is one of the most effective ways of cleansing Tigers Eye, and it goes well with the motif of fire and rebirth that tiger’s eye offers. Additionally, with Tiger’s Eye, you don’t need to worry about it fading in the sunlight, unlike some other crystals.


Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Saltwater- One of the simplest ways of cleansing any crystal is to submerge it in a saltwater bath. You’ll want to make sure your saltwater is thoroughly dissolved to ensure that your crystal doesn’t get any salt grains inside it accidentally, which can cause cracks. Leaving your tiger’s eye in a saltwater bath for at least 12 hours should take care of the entire cleansing process.


Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Fire- Fire is one of the most excited and energetic ways to cleanse a crystal, but it’s also one you must be the most careful with. If you decide to cleanse your crystal with fire, keep in mind you don’t need a big flame-  a single candle will do. Pass your crystal through the flame of the candle at least three times to complete the cleansing process. After you’re done, make sure to rest the crystal in a safe place where it can cool down.


Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Sage- Smudging with sage can be an effective way to cleanse tiger’s eye, and offers some of the same benefits of fire without all the risks of an open flame. To cleanse your Tiger’s Eye with sage, simply light some and put it out, so it’s smoldering, and place your Tiger’s Eye over it. By doing this, you’ll infuse the tiger’s eye with the properties of the sage, and cleanse it in the process. If you need to clean the surface of your crystal after this process, we recommend a saltwater bath.


How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye With Fire- Step by Step


Cleansing any crystal with fire can be one of the most effective and exciting ways to clear your crystal of negative energy. However, it’s also important to be extremely careful in this process, as you’ll be working with an open flame. 


Remember, this is only one option, and if you don’t feel comfortable, there are plenty others out there! If you are willing to try the process, I think you’ll find it both rewarding and effective. So let’s get started!


  1. Set Up Your Space- Get your candle and tiger’s eye ready. If you have a space outside, that will work best, but you can use any place where you can safely have a candle. The candle should be upright and unsupported by you.
  2. Set your Intention- As you light your candle, set the intention to cleanse your crystal of all but the highest and most pure form of energy. You can do this by simply saying out loud or in your head “I set the intention to cleanse this Tiger’s Eye of all but the highest form of energy”. It’s really that simple.
  3. Pass Through the Flame- Because the crystal will only be under the flame for fractions of a second at a time, it’s possible to hold the crystal with your bare hand as you pass it through the fire. However, you can also use kitchen tongs or some other method of holding your crystal. Just do whatever is best for you!
  4. Place The Crystal- After passing the Tiger’s Eye through the candle flame, place it down somewhere safe for at least three hours. During this time, your tiger’s eye will continue to release any latent negative energy. Although most is released in the few moments it’s over the flame, more energy will be released over the next few hours. The most you pass it through the flame, the longer this process will take, because you’ll reach deeper inside the crystal.


This is my absolutely favorite method of cleansing tiger’s eye, and I think it goes really well with the motif of healing and rebirth that Tiger’s Eye offers. However, it’s not the only option, and there are plenty of less intense ones out there as well! Now that we’ve talked about cleansing Tiger’s Eye, let’s go over the process of charging it!


Does Tiger’s Eye Need to Be Charged?


Tiger’s Eye can and should be charged after it is received to unlock the full potential of the healing benefits and powers of the crystal. Like all crystals, charging your stone will help make it more potent and increase it’s overall energetic capacity and impact. However, it shouldn’t feel like a chore to charge your Tiger’s Eye, and you can attain the benefits of the stone without charging your crystals.


How to Charge Tiger’s Eye


Although there are plenty of different methods for charging any type of crystal, some are better for Tiger’s Eye than others, so in this section, it’ll cover my four absolute favorite ways of charging my own newly acquired tiger’s eye. The four methods I use to charge Tiger’s Eye are: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth Energy, and Amethyst. So let’s get started!


Charging Tiger’s Eye With Sunlight- Sunlight can be a powerful tool to both cleanse and charge your Tiger’s eye. Because Tiger’s eye fit’s so well with the motif of light and rebirth, sunlight is a perfectly fitting method for charging your stone. Additionally, Tiger’s Eye is safe to be in the sun for at least 12 hours at a time. Just be sure you don’t forget about it!


Charging Tiger’s Eye with Moonlight- Similar to sunlight, moonlight can also be used as a method to channel positive energy into your Tiger’s Eye crystal. It has all the same benefits as sunlight, but it’s also a lot more gentle, as moonlight will not be as harsh on any stone as sunlight is. To charge a crystal with moonlight, simply expose it to the moon for at least six hours. Any moon phase will do, but the full moon is best!


Charging Tiger’s Eye with Earth Energy- This is a method of charging I don’t see talked about much, but it’s also one of the most effective ways of empowering your crystals. Because all crystals originate from the earth, their energy originates with the earth as well. To infuse your Tiger’s eye with earth energy, simply place it outside on the exposed ground, preferably on grass, and leave it for at least 24 hours. During this time, your Tiger’s Eye will regain all the energy it may have lost since it was first extracted from the earth.


Charging Tiger’s Eye with Amethyst- Another somewhat unknown method for charging crystals is to use Amethyst! Because amethyst has the powerful ability to both convert negative energy into positive energy and store that positive energy, it can be used as a powerful conductor to channel energy into your Tiger’s Eye. In addition, you’ll reap the rewards of the synergies between amethyst and Tiger’s eye. 


How to Charge Tiger’s Eye with Earth Energy-Step by Step


Earth Energy is one of my absolute favorite methods for charging Tiger’s Eye, so I wanted to go over it in more detail. For this reason, in this section we’ll go over exactly how to charge your Tiger’s Eye with earth energy, step by step!


  1. Prepare your space- Find a quiet and secluded area in the outdoors. This can be an area as simple as your own backyard- it should just be somewhere your Tiger’s Eye will be safe. Ideally, you’ll want to rest your Tiger’s Eye on grass, but any exposed earth will do.
  2. Set Your Intention- As with the process of charging any crystal, setting the intention of filling your crystal with only the most positive and wholesome energy is a vital step. You can do this by saying in your head or aloud “I set the intention to charge this Tiger’s Eye with only the highest form of energy”. It’s really that simple.
  3. Let it Charge- After you’ve placed your crystal and set your intentions, the only thing left to do is wait! For the best results, you’ll want to leave your Tiger’s Eye exposed to mother earth for at least 24 hours.


Using earth energy to charge crystals is one of my favorite methods, and it’s one I don’t see getting talked about nearly enough! If you need to clean the surface of your Tiger’s Eye after this process, we recommend a saltwater bath. This way, you can ensure none of that energy escapes while you clean the surface.


Cleansing and Charging Tigers Eye


As with any newly acquired crystal, the cleansing and charging process is a vital and important one for Tiger’s Eye. Hopefully, this article has provided you with everything you need to take care of your Tiger’s Eye crystal! To stay updated on the latest and greatest in crystal care and discoveries, sign up for our newsletter below!

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